15 mariées aux cheveux colorés

Qui a dit qu’il était obligatoire d’avoir les cheveux blonds ou bruns pour être une belle mariée ?

Certaines osent la couleur. Et quand on voit le résultat, on se dit qu’elles ont vraiment raison.

A silvery lilac adds a deliciously icy edge.

Purple is totally regal and looks amazing when several shades are combined.

Pastels show off your whimsical side.

A shade this bright lets you put the "hot" in hot pink.

Ombré blue looks downright magical.

And purply mauve creates a moody bridal look that isn't too dark.

A retro-style 'do looks modern when it's done in teal.

Honestly, your hair is the best "something blue" you could possibly have.

Earthy surroundings have nothing on gorgeous green strands.

Deep, dark purple is extra romantic.

And lilac is a delightful shade for a spring wedding.

A bubblegum hue kicks a lacy dress into another realm of style.

Bright red makes a stunning contrast between hair color and wedding dress.

And couples in color look twice as nice!

Pastel pink hair perfectly complements a flower crown.